"The first act of the night was local two-piece Danny Van Sceney, whose sensory assault made KISS look minimalist by comparison. Draped in lasers and caked in glow-in-the-dark paint, these guys looked like they passed out in a gutter and woke up in a puddle of nuclear waste; their rave-y rivethead style was matched by an appropriately abrasive industrial punk sound."


Madison McSweeney

A high energy duo from Ottawa, Canada.  DANNY VAN SCENEY combines the elements of fuzz octave bass, drums and rock/punk vocals.
 Aided by Rickenbacker basses, fuzz pedals and thunderous drums, this duo creates full tonal sounds of rock n roll.  
Inspired by the bass tones of Cliff Burton and the growls of Jason Newsted, DANNY VAN SCENEY has also been Influenced by such artists as  THE WHITE STRIPES, NIN, WHITE ZOMBIE and 90's grunge.    
Sat    02/11/2019  l'Hémisphère Gauche, MTL,PQ  Sat    09/11/2019 The Dominion Tavern, Ott, ON
Sat     7/12/2019   CHEO BENEFIT
Sat.   14/12/2019  La Maison - Cornwall,ON